13th September 2010 Meeting: Paul Brook – The Open Pandora handheld/games console

This months meeting will be on the 13th of September at Old Broadcasting House in Leeds.

Paul Brook will be giving a talk on the Open Pandora handheld/games console.

Most games consoles are produced by large corporations which are generally hostile to open source software. Unless you happen to be a large commercial games developer, developing/distributing software for these devices is tricky, and often impossible by legitimate means.

Some years ago an alternative appeared in the form of the GP32, and subsequently the GP2x, which encouraged “homebrew” games. These never really gained mainstream acceptance, but did foster a fair sized niche community.

The Pandora is a next generation device designed and built by members of the GP2x community. It provides a linux based gaming platform, but is also powerful enough to double as a netbook replacement in some cases.

There will be Chuckie Egg.

The talk will begin at 7:00pm, with the doors opening from 6:30pm for coffee and chat.

After the talk, we will move to Mr Foley’s on the Headrow for beer and geeky chatter. No formal booking has been made, but if the back room is available, then it would make sense to congregate in there.


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