Meeting: 14th November 2011 – An Introduction to OpenGL


The next WYLUG meeting will be on the 14th of November 2011 at Old Broadcasting House.

Paul Brook will be giving a talk, An Introduction to OpenGL:

OpenGL is a low-level API for rendering 3D graphics. It provides a language agnostic, OS and hardware independent way for applications to utilise GPU acceleration. OpenGL ES and WebGL provide a reduced (but still fully functional) subset for embedded and web based applications.

I will cover the basics of how a 3D model is converted to a bunch of pixels on the screen, and how the different parts of this pipeline fit together. Followed by specifics of how to achieve this with OpenGL.

For those who have used OpenGL in the past I’ll touch on how the API has evolved from fixed-fuction pipelines to support the additional functionality provided by modern shader based hardware.

The talk will commence at 7pm, with doors open at 6:30pm.

After the talk we’ll be heading down to Mr Foley’s for beer and more geeky¬†chat.

We don’t currently have arrangements for coffee, so if you’re a caffeine addict¬†you’ll need to bring your own.

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