Proceedings from Monday 26th October 2015

Here is a record of Monday 26/10/15 meeting
After pausing to meet and greet, I mentioned that I had a cold and hoped that I was not infectious.

As a new departure for wylug I am noting down the basics of what happened at each meeting, in the hope that it will stimulate discussion online and give us some material to work on for the coming web-site re-design.

Initially we discused sister organisations including Leeds Code Dojo, Leeds Devops, Leeds tech hub, Leeds Geeks and The Yorkshire Computing Network. It was mentioned that Sky is moving into Leeds in a big way with much engineering work on a site near the river in Leeds city centre.

We were shown Grahams prize collection of Circuit Boards; a complete arduino perpherals set an intel atom developemnt board and many others. Most of the devices seemed to have a peculiarity including one that had a strange LED on it. When the LED was turned off it shut down one of the main chips on the circuit board. What is SPI you may wonder? It is a slow speed serial bus for secondary componants, such as the ones that measure componant temperature, and the like, that warn of system failure or overloading. This is is quite distinct from things like USB and its relatives that do the main data transfer function on a computer.

Have you ever tried to copy the typing technique of a techie ? Don’t! Most of us have a weird one that is based on the start of a copy typing course, speeded up and cronked through practice.

A report was had from the Leeds Code Dojo’s Mandelbrot Set excercise. It is indeed possable to programme in ELisp proceduraly so you do not loose technique if scripting up an IDE for a procedural language

. There was a discussion on the Internet of Things that pointed out how hard it is to define it separtely from concretre examples. There are two different standards bodies for it that are quite differnet.

Toward the end we discussed a way of setting environment variables for a demon one is mentioned on the mailing lists. Another is to write a shell script that sets the environment variables and then runs the demon binary, but the init/systemd/upstart/ system calls the shell script as a demon itself not the demon binary.

At the end of the meeting we finished off by complaining mutually about the huge number of open source licences BSD/GLP/CC/MIT and so on..

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