On Having Built Linux for a Small System

Further Vexation: To insanity...

"If I have not seen as far as others, it is because giants were standing on my shoulders" --Hal Abelson

  • Recursive dependencies due to automake
  • gcc > needs patches made to 2.0.x kernels
  • uClibc does not (officially) support 2.0.x kernels underneath
  • gcc 2.95.3 expects glibc, or needs patches
  • busybox 1.1.3 'install' phase needs cpp >= 3.x
  • Non-i386 platforms often need specific binutils/gcc or patches
  • coreutils<=5.93 for gcc 2.95.3
  • gcc 2.95.3 misconfigures a "cross native" compiler :(
  • GNU 'make' has variety of behaviours wrt continuation lines