Report on JULY 2016 meeting

The meeting sort of started with me ,Darren, and John from BradLUG waiting for the rest of you in the entrance to the Adelphi. By about 7:30pm most of you who stayed for the meeting had arrived.

Topics of discussion included

Taking a fortnight to download a copy of slackware in the days of phone-line modem connections.
How big Leeds DevOps is now.
How cheap computers are getting.
The way they teach computing – esp Linux in France, thanks Jean-Jaques
Why Leeds is a good place to work in computing.

Most of us boggled at eachother’s tablets, and my substitute for a tablet -a camera that cost me less than a beer!

By ~9pm I had to depart.

One Response to “Report on JULY 2016 meeting”

  1. Darren Drapkin says:

    Thank you, it is nice to have approval of one’s work.