About Wylug

WYLUG stands for West Yorkshire (Gnu) Linux Users’ Group.

WYLUG is a self-help group for GNU/Linux and Open Source Software users in the West Yorkshire area.*

WYLUG members help themselves and other Free Software users, through meetings, mailing lists and this website.

To become a WYLUG member, simply subscribe to the wylug-announce mailing list. Membership is open to anyone who thinks that it might be useful.

For help with Free Software problems, subscribe to the wylug-help mailing list ,or to wylug-discuss mailing list which usually gets more traffic.

To fully participate in WYLUG, come to our monthly meetings in Leeds, bring something geeky you like, and stay for a while afterwards.

* For practical reasons of history, geography and transport routes, membership is not restricted to the boundaries of the Metropolitan County of West Yorkshire. Many members live in other parts of Yorkshire and the North of England. A substantial proportion also participate in other Linux Users Groups (LUGs) within and without the County, e.g. Huddersfield (HUDLUG), York (YLUG) and Manchester MANLUG.

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