12th July 2010 Meeting: Tim Nash – Pre-emptive systems scaling

Note change of drinking venue! Further details below.

This months meeting will be on the 12th of July at Old Broadcasting House in Leeds.

Tim Nash will be giving a talk on pre-emptively scaling systems based on predicted demand.

Whenever a big humanitarian crisis occurs, major non government organisations and charities put out appeals for money, to provide aid to those in need.

Sadly not all attract the media or publics attention, in an age where a single tweet can bring in thousands of visitors these organisations donation system have to be able to handle strain of massive peaks in traffic as you would expect when the requirement of high performance, high availability is out there Linux based systems can be found.

Tim is going to discuss his recent work with the United Nations World Food Program, in delivering a high scalable system and looks how you can preempt and prepare for spikes in traffic using similar methods to track tsunamis. Ultimately allowing agencies to ratchet up their donation platforms a head of major surges in donations and then reduce down the needed nodes when the public has forgotten and the real work has started.

Tim is a “stuff consultant” currently working with the United Nations World Food Program to help deliver a donation system distributed across the internet, through a REST based API sitting on Linux (Debian), Nginx, PHP/Ruby infrastructure.

The talk will begin at 7:00pm, with the doors opening from 6:30pm for coffee and chat.

After the talk, we will move to Mr Foley’s on the Headrow for beer and geeky chatter. No formal booking has been made, but if the back room is available, then it would make sense to congregate in there.


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