January 23rd, 2017

This month the monthly meeting is on TUESDAY of THIS WEEK. Come and join us in the Lord Darcy! be surprised about Linux ! Run a web server on you laptop ! The future here today!

Monthly Meeting Tuesday 24th Jan 2017

January 18th, 2017

This month’s meeting is on Tuesday 24th Jan, not the usual Thursday. The location is still the same, The Lord Darcy on Harrogate Road. If you have never used linux before, please come and try it out on one of our laptops. If you want to discuss things before hand, or between meetings, try our meetups pages, or the email mailing lists at the right hand side of this page. See you next week!

Report of last meeting and a question

November 28th, 2016

It was a good evening – some varied chat. Some around the i3 window
manager (, which two folks actively run, and another
had tried at least. Some container/docker chatter, and some talk
around git usage, and commit message ‘style‘. David, with reference to
that last one, the kernel community have a good set of guidelines they
adhere to fairly strictly (that is, if your commit does not follow the
rules it pretty much isn’t getting merged into the codebase). A good
overview can be found in the kernel source tree docs:

Some of that is kernel-ish specific, and some possibly a little
outdated (iirc there is no mention of git send-email and maybe no git
format-patch either for instance), and the workflow is email based,
and many of us are possibly using services such as github which have a
bit of a different (PR based) workflow etc. – but, the essence of how
to create a good commit message and organise patches still applies.

And then on to the December meet – the last Thursday would be the 29th
December, and I think we agreed it was looking, shall we say,
‘non-optimal’ for turnout. Thus, right now it is not clear what we
will do in December, if anything. There may be an impromptu ‘get
together for a beer’, maybe in town. Open for ideas and thoughts


monthly meeting Thurs 24th Nov 2016

November 18th, 2016

Time has come again for the monthly meeting in the Lord Darcy. Look for a bunch of us sitting round a Laptop(s). If you have anything planned, in the world of computers, post it on the mailing list or the meetups page.

Last Minute Announcement Thursday’s meeting in The Lord Darcy

October 26th, 2016

For the first time the monthly meeting is THE LAST THURSDAY OF THE MONTH. That’s 27 Oct at 7~7:30ish at the Lord Darcy.


618 Harrogate Road
West Yorkshire
LS17 8EH

United Kingdom

Monthly meeting Thursday 27 Oct 2016

October 15th, 2016

The day for the monthly meeting has changed.It is now The last Thursday of the month. We are still meeting in the Lord Darcy at 7:30ish. If you know someone who is curious about Linux and wants to take the plunge, bring them along. If there is a topic you want to bring up, warn us in advance in the mailling list.

Report on September meeting

October 11th, 2016

It was good – the ‘usual suspects’.
Darren bought along his USB headset – but with a slackware laptop that
it works on, as the machine (with the same slackware version) that it
does not work on is too large to lug along. Suggestions of comparing
dmesg output when switching audio sources etc. was suggested – and
also probably just generally blame pulse for audio issues – but maybe
that is a little unfair 😉
Andy and I chatted about docker stuff, and Andy will be looking at
puppet as well.
We discussed how some pcie wifi cards don’t work in some laptops –
istr it is because some ‘pcie’ slots are not actually full pcie, and
are something else (same format) that only supports wifi – can’t
remember the name of that slot/’standard’ off the top of my head

Oh, and as on the list – we ‘fixed’ Andys wylug email on his Android
gmail app by logging in to the list service and unsetting ‘digest’

One thing we need to discuss – Andy won’t be able to make Mondays for
the next year! We discussed what would be the best other day for the
three of us present, and settled on that being a Thursday. So, we need
to discuss the possibility of moving the monthly meet from Mondays to
Thursdays. Input and opinions welcome here…
We did note that a non-Monday would also avoid all the bank holiday
frustrations 🙂


Mon 26 Sept monthly meeting at The Lord Darcy

September 20th, 2016

This month sees us back in the Lord Darcy, which we have been to in the past. Anyone with something to show or talk about, please give advance notice on wylug-discuss on the meetups site<  >or as a comment here. The time will be around 7:30 pm. Look for a bunch of us sitting round a laptop.

29 August 2016 Bank Holiday Monday monthly meeting

August 22nd, 2016

Time has come, once again, to inform members, and new visitors to wylug, that we will be meeting, in the Adelphi at around 7:30pm, to discuss the news in computing, to show off newly working distros, and whatever we plan in the meantime in other forums . If you are driving, or for whatever reason, do not want to drink alcohol, the Adelphi does a nice line in mixers, soft drinks etc.

Report on JULY 2016 meeting

July 28th, 2016

The meeting sort of started with me ,Darren, and John from BradLUG waiting for the rest of you in the entrance to the Adelphi. By about 7:30pm most of you who stayed for the meeting had arrived.

Topics of discussion included

Taking a fortnight to download a copy of slackware in the days of phone-line modem connections.
How big Leeds DevOps is now.
How cheap computers are getting.
The way they teach computing – esp Linux in France, thanks Jean-Jaques
Why Leeds is a good place to work in computing.

Most of us boggled at eachother’s tablets, and my substitute for a tablet -a camera that cost me less than a beer!

By ~9pm I had to depart.