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Next Meeting: Open Street Map, Monday 11 Feb 2008

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

Our next meeting will be on Monday 11 Feb 2008 in Leeds University’s Stoner Building.

The meeting room is sign-posted from the main Stoner Building entrance.

The meeting officially starts at 7.00 pm, but the room will be open for coffee, tea, biscuits and chat from 6.30 pm.

Dave Fisher and Geoff Richards will be delivering the following talk:

OpenStreetMap (OSM)

Geoff and I will be trying to explain (with demos):

  • What the OpenStreetMap project is trying accomplish
  • How to survey an area
  • How to add details to a map
  • How to edit details on the map, using JOSM and Potlatch
  • How to label map features
  • How you can help to map West Yorkshire
  • Why you should bother

If you would like to do some ‘homework’ preparation, see:

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Ethernet – the Technology and a Polemic History

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Ethernet is THE predominant networking technology for Local area networks in the world today. It is being used more and more for wide area networks. It runs from 10Mb/s to 1Gb/s over copper and from 10Mb/s to 10Gb/s over fibre optic media. Huge demand allows Commodity pricing and makes ethernet networks very cheap to deploy.

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Monday, May 12th, 2003

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